Miss Hong Kong 2013 Contestant Alleged Leaked Sextape

Okay, below is a sex video some in the Chinese media are saying show a Miss Hong Kong 2013 contestant having sexual relations with a man. But after reviewing the video I must say I don’t think the lady in the video is the beauty queen they are alleging. I think this scandal was started by other Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant contestants and/or their supporters to hurt this girl’s reputation. Peggy Tsui, the Miss Hong Kong finalist denies being the girl in the sex video and nude images being circulated online by people saying it is her.
And at this point I believe her… The only way the she is the same
person as the girl in the video is if she had a ton of plastic surgery
since making this sex video. Anyway. it is still a weird sex video so take a look for yourself and decide.

Here are a few confirm pictures of Peggy Tsui for you to compare with the unknown girl in the video:

Model Profile
Peggy Tsui or Xu Shao Pei (徐韶蓓):
  Age: 26 years old
  Occupation: Model
  Education: Secondary 5
  Height: 5’4 “(about 163 cm)
  Weight: 110.4 pounds (about 50 kg)
  Hobbies: singing, dancing, yoga, cooking
  Ambition: To do an excellent actor and singer


Miss Hong Kong 2013 Contestant Alleged Leaked Sextape Sex Video

File Size: 34.9 MB | Format: MP4 | Runtime: 8:36 minutes