Indonesian Model Novie Amelia Semi-Nude Jailhouse Photos After Mowing Down Seven With Her Car


model Novie Amelia mowed down seven people with her car. But the
interesting part is she was only wearing her underwear while driving,
and she was later pictured semi-naked at police station handcuffed lying
on a air mattress. Novie Amelia probably not as popular now but five
years ago she graced the cover POPULAR Magazine scantily clad wearing a
sexy bikini. Her most recent shoot was in a Jail cell scantily clad in
only her lingerie. The Jakarta Globe report:

Novi Amelia, who hit seven people while driving intoxicated in nothing
but her underwear in Hayam Wuruk, West Jakarta, apologized to the public
on Wednesday.

“To all Indonesian people: I, Novi Amelia, deeply
apologize for the accident that happened on Thursday Oct. 11,” she
told journalists at Bhayangkara Said Sukanto police hospital.

a long sleeve red shirt with black stripes, Novi said that she was
sorry for her deviant behavior and driving half-naked.

“I know I
drove the car recklessly and went out without wearing a polite dress,”
she said. “It was unexpected and unintentional.”

Novi, a model
who appears in adult male magazines, said that it was out of her control
when she decided to drive while only wearing a bra and underwear.

team of doctors at the hospital said, as quoted by, that she
is suffering from mental illness. Doctors have scanned her head in order
to find out if a potential brain injury caused her peculiar behavior.
They concluded that her mental issues were not caused by addictive
substances but by strictly psychological problems. It is confirmed by
her old medical records that she has a history of mental illness.

symptoms are hallucinations and feeling depressed,” Henny Riana, head
of the psychiatric unit of the hospital, said on Tuesday.

young model, who lives in an apartment in Central Jakarta, hit seven
people, including two police officers trying to stop her. When she was
pulled from her car, she was hysterical, screaming at people as she was
taken to a nearby police station for questioning.

When she was finally pulled from her car, she was dressed in only her undergarments.

later said medical tests came back positive for alcohol and ecstasy,
indicating that she consumed the drug within the previous three days.

leaving Bhayangkara hospital, Novi was brought to a rehabilitation
center owned by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) in Lido, Bogor.

“My condition today is better, and starting today I will join rehabilitation clinic,” she said.

And after the naked jailhouse photos were leaked, several police were questioned
according to reports. I don’t see how it was wrong for the police to
take the pictures if she was acting crazy and they were just documenting
her behavior. But it might have been unwise of them to leak these
photos to the public. Also Novie or Novi seem to be the one removing her
clothes and flashing the cops. Its not like they were forcing her
her… But the cops seem to be sitting around and watching so they might
be encouraging her to put on a show. If they are then they are in big
trouble too… However not even the leak will save Novie from the
charges because she tested positive for alcohol and drugs. Anyway,
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Novie Amelia right after the accinent:

Novie Amelia’s Honda:

Novie Amelia in better days:



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